cropped-LGC_Icon_512px.pngPassivhaus design and consultancy

I am a certified Passivhaus designer and work with architects and design teams to realise extremely low-energy building designs.
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cropped-LGC_Icon_512px.pngLow-energy retrofit design and consultancy

I am an AECB accredited retrofit designer and work with architects and design teams to achieve moisture-robust low-energy retrofits.
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cropped-LGC_Icon_512px.pngThermal-bridging analysis

I provide thermal bridging analysis for new build and retrofit projects to ensure buildings perform as intended, maximise comfort and minimise energy use.
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cropped-LGC_Icon_512px.pngOverheating analysis

Serious overheating is a risk in low-energy buildings and should be designed-out as an integrated part of the design process. I provide overheating analysis for new build and retrofit projects to ensure they perform as well in summer as they do in winter.
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cropped-LGC_Icon_512px.pngBuilding design optimisation

I am an expert in optimisation of building designs using evolutionary algorithms. These techniques allow building designs to be optimised for multiple objectives such as cost, energy performance, overheating risk and embodied energy.

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cropped-LGC_Icon_512px.pngCoaching in building-energy modelling

I provide coaching for designers preparing for the Passivhaus designer/consultant exam and in dynamic building-energy simulation using DesignBuilder. 

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