Passivhaus design and consultancy

Passivhaus is the world’s leading low-energy building design standard. Passivhaus buildings are designed to require very little heating or cooling while providing excellent thermal comfort and indoor air-quality. The Passivhaus standard has very good quality assurance throughout the design, construction and commissioning process.  This ensures that, unlike many so called low-energy buildings, Passivhaus buildings perform as designed. You can find out more about the Passivhaus standard in the short video below or in more detail here. I am a certified Passivhaus designer and work with architects and design teams to ensure their designs meet this rigorous standard. Passivhaus requirements should be considered from the very earliest design stages in order to optimise the building design to this standard while minimising additional cost. I provide a range of Passivhaus design services from early design-stage feasibility checks to full support throughout a project to Passivhaus certification.

Passive House Explained in 90 Seconds from Hans-Jörn Eich on Vimeo.

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