Analysis and comment on Passivhaus, low-energy retrofit, electric vehicles and energy transition

Posted by Es Tresidder on May 24, 2017

Do low-energy buildings have an overheating problem?

  In this blog post I take a quick look at the physics behind summer overheating problems and unpack claims that high levels of insulation make the problem worse or more likely.

Posted by Es Tresidder on March 19, 2017

How do we stop electric cars killing public transport?

  I’ve owned an electric car since July 2016 and I’m generally pretty enthusiastic about EVs. I’m excited by the idea that we might be able to make enormous reductions in transport energy use through switching from fossil fuels to electricity, and that we can simultaneously decarbonise electricity generation in order to have truly zero-carbon

Posted by Es Tresidder on March 17, 2017

A more detailed look at radiative comfort

  In the previous post I looked at the main factors other than internal air temperature that affect how thermally comfortable we feel in a room. Internal surface temperature played a big role, both because of its influence on radiant heat loss and because of the ability of cold surfaces to cause fast-moving air through

Posted by Es Tresidder on March 17, 2017

Why do I feel chilly?

  I live in a 70’s house that has had double glazing installed but little else in the way of thermal improvements since then. Imagine the following situation. Yesterday was a mild winter’s day, temperatures around 10°C, and I was comfortably warm working at home. Today the weather’s changed, it’s been cold all night and

Posted by Es Tresidder on October 31, 2016

An electric car in the Scottish Highlands

An extended version of this article appeared on UKclimbing in March 2017.   This summer we made a big move from Brussels to near Fort William on the west coast of Scotland. Moving away from the good transport links of a big city had us looking to buy our first family car to make the

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